Gorilla Grip™ Mat Tape

Gorilla Grip™ Mat Tape


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Cliff Keen's Gorilla Grip™ mat tape is the strongest on the market. A staple in wrestling rooms across the globe for decades! Specifically designed adhesive gives powerful grip to mat, and leaves no gummy residue. Reusable several times over. Each roll individually wrapped. 8 mils thick. Sizes 3", 4" x 84'.

"For our state tournament we gambled on a lesser-known brand of mat tape.  One hour into the Friday night session, our mats began to separate, really bad.  We spent most of the evening re-taping mats every 30 minutes or so.  This is NOT the impression we want to have for a state finals.  Thankfully a rep from Cliff Keen was in attendance.  On Saturday morning, he brought in a case of their Gorilla Grip tape.  We re-taped all the mats that morning and crossed our fingers.  It worked!!! The 4” tape from Cliff Keen proved to solve the problem--we didn’t have a single issue the rest of the event.  We will continue to use this product moving forward.  Thank you Cliff Keen!!!"


-Steve Richardson

Michigan USA Wrestling

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