Youth Signature® Headgear

Youth Signature® Headgear


Youth Signature® Headgear
The top selling headgear of all time, Cliff Keen's Signature® Headgear is available in an economical youth size. The Youth Signature® Headgear features a uniquely engineered lycra-backed foam padding designed specifically for the abuse of elite youth wrestlers, while keeping the features that make the Signature® Headgear a classic.


  • Outer shell and inner shell 1/2" smaller in each direction compared to adult size

  • Soft antimicrobial lycra-backed foam padding with indestructible poly-carbonate inner shell
  • Durable vinyl straps will adjust to fit all youth head sizes

  • Available in black, with white straps only

Product Care

 “Use warm soapy water to wipe down headgear. Adding a tablespoon of white vinegar will help decrease the odor. To sanitize the headgear, in a spray bottle combine rubbing alcohol and water in equal amounts. Spray and wipe with a cloth. Do NOT wash in the washing machine. Do NOT dry in a dryer.”
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